Your head, torso and pelvis are masses. When your alignment is optimal, these masses are close to your center of gravity. This minimizes stress on your body.

For example, an optimal curve in your lower back distributes the weight of your torso, head and arms 50/50 between your vertebral bodies and discs in the front of your spine and your facet joints in the back. So if you have a disc problem and you heard that strong abdominal muscles are important to your lower back, you might do exercises that would make your back worse, shifting more weight off the facet joints onto the discs and bodies.

Some chiropractors simply loosen stiff joints to allow your body to pump waste products out and nutrients in, without paying attention to the alignment of your spine. As a Distinguished Fellow of Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), I pay attention to both alignment and motion of your spine to enable optimal results.

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