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85% of Pregnant Women Get Back Pain Relief with Chiropractic

With pregnancy comes many joys as you prepare for the arrival of your newest little bundle of joy, and we love seeing our pregnant moms in our Sheboygan office. However, sometimes it comes with pain as well—specifically, back pain. Fortunately, a recent study finds that chiropractic careis an excellent way to relieve back pain during pregnancy. And the positive effects occur not only during pregnancy, but long after you’ve delivered!

Researchers recruited 115 pregnant women who were (1) experiencing pain in their back or pelvic region, (2) had not engaged in chiropractic care during the previous three months, and (3) were not restricted from participation. Each woman then was given chiropractic care, with the frequency of visits and methods of manipulation solely determined based on the preference of the chiropractor for that particular expecting mother.

Data was collected at one week, one month, three months, six months, and one year past the initial chiropractic visit to determine what improvement, if any, the women noticed in regard to their back pain. What they discovered is that the level of improvement in pain increased the more time went on.

For example, when asked one week into the treatment sessions whether or not the women noticed a reduction in their level of pain, 52 percent said yes. That amount increased to 70 percent one month into treatment, then to 85 percent being happy with the results after just three months of chiropractic care. At the six month mark, 90 percent said that they noticed reduced pain in their back region, and the benefits continued with 88 percent reporting positive effects one year after the initial chiropractic treatment session.

If you’re expecting and you have back pain, natural chiropractic care can help ease your symptoms.

Peterson CK, Mühlemann D, Humphreys BK. Outcomes of pregnant patients with low back pain undergoing chiropractic treatment: a prospective cohort study with short term, medium term and 1 year follow-up. Chiropractic and Manual Therapies 2014;22(1):15.

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