Home Experiment

If there was a piece missing in the health puzzle, would you want to know?

Try this experiment with me: find something nearby that weighs between eight and 16 pounds. Hold it up against your chest with two hands from underneath.Notice you could hold it like that for a while if you had to.

Now try holding it out from your chest just an inch.Most people with back or neck pain have some part of their body weighing at least this much and at least this far from their center of gravity.How long do you want to hold it there?How about 16 hours per day.

That is how long most people hold a head, torso or pelvis away from their centers of gravity because of postural distortion.In other words, they are out of alignment.

You have to get the weight closer to your center of gravity to solve the problem.This imbalance alters distribution of weight, which is supposed to be shared between discs in the front and posterior joints of the spine. This is a major cause of back and neck pain and dysfunction, often addressed only with drugs and other methods that do not reliably correct alignment.

This is why you may want to find that missing piece with Chiropractic Biophysics. Why not address structure and not just cover up pain.

If you would like to learn more about a reliable structurally corrective approach, please visit our website, www.norhtendicottchiropractic.com or www.idealspine.com, the Chiropractic Biophysics website, or call me personally at my office 754-7669.

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