No-Fault, Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation cases are excepted once verified: reported, case and claim numbers obtained along with addresses and phone numbers of insurance company. Lien cases will be considered after discussion with your attorney’s office.

Most common fees for services with discounts (when applicable) for payment at time of service:

Initial consultation and examination:Most commonly $100.00, depending on time and complexity
Spinal Adjustments:$55.00
Extra spinal adjustments, teaching of exercises, massage (per approximately 15 minutes) mechanical taction:$36.00
Custom foot orthotics:$350.00
Over the counter foot orthotics:$25-$70
Massage Therapy:$90/one hour, $50/half hour
Failure to keep appointment charge:$25.00

No show fees are NEVER paid by your insurance carrier. If we reserve the doctor’s time for you and potentially turn away other patients that need and want the doctor’s time and help because we reserved the time for you, and you do not show up or cancel without at least 24 hours of notice, a $25.00 no show fee will be charged to you, not to your insurance company. Please only schedule appointments you are certain you can keep.