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Hello. I’m Dr. Samuel Cooper and I will do everything I will do my best to relieve you of symptoms you’re suffering from as quickly as possible, but more importantly, I will be thorough in finding the cause of your symptoms and address them for a better long term prognosis.

This is my specialty: Identifying the source of your symptoms, how it is affecting your life and lifestyle. Chiropractic treatment is not limited to pain relief. The spine, which serves as a conduit of impulses affecting every part of the human body, utilizes pain to signal that there is something wrong within. However, other maladies may be affected or caused by spinal misalignment.

I should point out that you may be injuring and re-injuring yourself over ten times daily with simple actions such as, but not limited to, getting out of a chair, a bed, a car or looking down to read, write or use your cell phone. You cannot avoid doing these things forever, so you should learn different ways of doing them.

Chiropractic care can also help relieve lower back pain experienced by many expectant mothers, reduce everyday stress and keep you enjoying a much more active lifestyle as you grow older. Be sure to learn the many ways chiropractic care can benefit you by visiting our “Treatment” page!

Doctor means teacher, and a great part of my obligation to you as your Chiropractor is to make you aware of the methods you can use to promote your body’s well-being.

At North Endicott Chiropractic, same-day care is usually available! Please don’t hesitate to request your walk-in or appointment here!

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